MD Financial Planning

 Financial Planning for MD’s

Civilian Military Medicine positions are almost exclusively independent contractor roles. Physicians unfamiliar with the IC status are often skittish or even downright put off by this reality. As a result, KurzSolutions has partnered with the top firm in the industry to help you make the most of the IC role

As an independent contractor, you have a great deal of flexibility and freedom to decide the amount of income you want to earn, the type of insurance benefits you desire from the best carriers, the most appropriate retirement plan, and how your funds will be invested. Our partner has over 30 years of experience helping independent contractors navigate, understand, and optimize the flexibility and tax-saving opportunities available to them. Their team of financial advisors, insurance specialists, CPAs, and attorneys work with you to design a custom financial strategy that meets your unique objectives so you can focus on what you do best – caring for your patients.

KurzSolutions will connect you with a consultant at Financial Designs who will help you indentify the significant benefits of being an independent contractor and who will assist you in designing your plan.

Optimizing the independent contractor status
Employee vs. Independent contractor financial comparison chart
Sample tax deductions available to the self-employed